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We Provide ABA therapy billing and insurance services, we optimize financial processes for autism care providers to enhance support.

ABA Therapy Training

Expert Assistance in Revenue Cycle Management

Cube Therapy Billing simplifies the ABA advocacy journey by providing comprehensive services such as consultancy, full-team support, and management. Our goal is to empower the ABA community, overcoming obstacles for a smoother and safer service delivery.

Business Presentation


Pre-Service Support

Claims Management

Insurance Credentialing

Discover our comprehensive services, meticulously tailored to deliver an optimal Revenue Cycle Management solution for ABA therapy providers.

ABA therapy process and overview

Why Choose Cube therapy Billing?

EHR Software



Monthly Revenue


1) Conocimiento experto

2) Experiencia

3) Planificación

4) Estrategia

5) Resultados

ABA therapy training

Our Clients Speak: Real Stories, Real Success

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