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ABA Billing and Insurance Services

Cube Team has a unique set of billing features designed by ABA billing experts to help. ABA practices provide services in a variety of ways, regardless of their location (clinic, school, home or community). Starting as with any other medical practice, patients will be billed for copays and office services to settle the bill. Copays, deductibles, private insurance, and Medicaid complexity are real, and the process is changing too quickly for practices to keep up with.

We provide end-to-end ABA billing services and act as a mediator between insurance companies and healthcare providers solving the issues to maintain your cash flow. ABA providers are facing challenges with the possibility of losing large quantities of money every year due to underpricing, coding errors, non-reimbursed claims and missed charges. At Cube, we provide an output of the highest quality and accuracy and eliminate the occurrence of these losses. 

We provide end to end therapy billing services:

1) Insurance Eligibility
2) Patient Demographics Entry
3) Charge/session Entry
4) Claims Submission
5) Payment Posting
6) Account Receivables Follow-up
7) Denial Management
8) Patient Statements

Accurate billing of ABA insurance requires that the correct codes and modifiers are used for appropriate application, evaluation, treatment and delivery method of therapy. Cube ABA billing experts ensure that benefits are billed according to the correct CPT codes set by the American Medical Association (ABA) for each therapy.

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