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Top Reasons for Outsourcing Therapy Billing To Cube Team

1) Increase Revenue

Using cube therapy billing services can result in a noticeable improvement to your bottom line by reducing your overhead costs while improving the timely submission, approval, and reimbursements of claims leading to an improved cash flow.

2) Ensures Billing Compliance

The ABA therapy and speech therapy industry is fragmented and ever-changing. It is quite a challenge to keep up with the changes in Medicare, Medical and other third-party payers. It can be a full-time job just to make sure your billing protocols are up to date as required by each payer. Therapy Billing is our expertise and we are always on top of the latest changes in regulations and requirements in order to ensure the submission of clean claims.

3) Improve Patient Satisfaction

It can be quite challenging to juggle the demands of treating patients and handling billing related duties. By outsourcing your billing, you can reduce the task load placed on your front office staff which can lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and employee morale. With Billing responsibilities no longer a burden, your staffs time is freed up to focus on providing quality customer service, improved patient flow, and the general responsibilities of running an effective office.

4) Improve Cash Flow

What happens when your medical biller calls in sick or goes on vacation? Sometimes claims have to wait until they come back to work in order to be submitted. Billing interruptions ultimately affects the timeliness of reimbursements and your cash flow. Using Cube Therapy Billing services allows a continuous, steady flow of claims going out and cash coming in. A steady cash flow is important for your bottom line and the success of the practice.

5) Save Money and Time

You could save thousands of dollars simply by not incurring the additional expenses associated with having your own in-house billing staff. These expenses include annual salaries, benefits, purchasing and maintaining expensive billing software and the time and effort associated with searching for, hiring, and training a medical biller.

6) Reduced Billing Errors

As a therapy billing service provider, our sole purpose is to ensure that your claims are submitted accurately and in a timely fashion. All of our billers undergo thorough training and are kept up to date with ongoing education to make certain that they are equipped to properly submit claims. Being experts in the therapy billing field, we have the unique ability to reduce the amount of denied and rejected claims due to billing errors as well as the ability to provide feedback in maximizing reimbursement on future claims.

7) More Focus on Patient Care

Outsourcing with Cube Therapy Billing allows you to spend more time focusing on patient satisfaction and providing quality care. This becomes even more valuable for smaller offices and groups that cannot afford a large staff. It can be very difficult to provide top-notch patient care if you are bogged down by the financial side of running a practice.


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