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ABA Therapy Billing & Credentialing Service

Welcome to Cube Therapy Billing, where we streamline financial operations for ABA, speech therapy, and mental health practitioners. As your dedicated partners in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), we ensure that your billing and credentialing demands are met with expertise, precision, and personalized care.

Discover Your Most Dependable Practice Partner in the Industry

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We specialize in ABA and speech therapy billing, alongside comprehensive credentialing services for any volume of patients nationwide. With over a decade of experience in the industry, our team expertly handles all aspects of the billing and credentialing process, 

Organizations Served: Expertise across more than 125 diverse organizations
Applications Managed: Successfully processed over 10,000 applications
Claim Approval Rate: High efficiency with a 98.9% approval rate
Denial Rate: Exceptionally low denial rate at just 1.1%
Denial Resolution: Rapid response, resolving denials within 48 hours

Advanced HIPAA-compliant revenue cycle management outsourcing
and comprehensive business solutions for U.S. healthcare providers.

At Cube Billing Therapy, we are experts in providing tailored Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) strategies for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) providers nationwide, leveraging 13+ years of specialized experience. We specialize in medical billing, payment posting, denial management, credentialing, prior authorizations, accounts receivable follow-up, out-of-network negotiations, and revenue integrity services. Our logo, a cube, symbolizes the integration of the three core elements of RCM: the client, the insurance provider, and our team. Like aligning colors on a cube, we connect these elements for a seamless RCM experience.

Cube billing therapy helps ABA practices navigate financial and regulatory challenges, aligning with value-based models. Our commitment is to simplify billing processes, empowering providers to focus on what truly matters to the practices's development.

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Value-Based Care

Expertise Patient Financials

Focused Specialty billing

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Our Services

Therapy Credentialing Services 

Cube Therapy Billing simplifies credentialing, ensuring compliance and accuracy with insurance companies, aiding ABA therapy providers in streamlined enrollment processes.

Speech-Language Pathology Therapy Billing 

Cube Therapy Billing offers tailored billing services for SLP therapy, ensuring timely claims submission and enhancing revenue cycle efficiency for providers.

Physical Therapy

For physical therapy, Cube Therapy Billing maximizes reimbursement, minimizes administrative burdens, and implements best practices for efficient billing management.

ABA Billing Services 

Specializing in ABA billing, Cube Therapy Billing optimizes financial processes, providing comprehensive RCM solutions to support autism care providers effectively.

Occupational Therapy Billing

Focused on occupational therapy, Cube Therapy Billing reduces claim denials, improves payment turnaround, and streamlines billing processes for therapy providers.


Sparkz offers a customized report view for therapy projects, enhancing detailed project management, visibility, and control over billing and credentialing activities.

Certified Excellence in ABA Billing

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HBMA accreditation distinguishes a company by affirming its commitment to the highest standards in revenue cycle management and compliance with HIPAA and OIG regulations. Cube holds this accreditation, highlighting its dedication to secure and efficient billing practices for therapy providers.

HBMA Accredition

We can integrate with any existing ABA billing software

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DE: (302) 532-7576

​NJ: (973) 804-9484


8 The Green. Suite # 7988

Dover, DE 19901

Regional Center:

136 Roseland Ave, Caldwell, NJ 07006

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