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ABA Billing Services

Strengthen your ABA practice's financial health by leveraging our dedicated ABA billing services. We ensure accurate billing and coding, leading to maximized reimbursements and minimized claim denials. 

ABA Billing and Insurance Services

The Cube Therapy Billing team specializes in revenue cycle management for services related to Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Neuropsychology. We offer effective and value-based billing services by boosting your practice's efficiency by saving you time and revenue.

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Cube Therapy Billing expertise in ABA therapy billing

Enhancing Financial Outcomes with Strategic RCM

ABA Billing Process

Learn more about the problems you face while billing and collecting.

With our simplified practice management solutions, analyze your current workflow and process management to identify errors and flaws.

Find out how certified coders and billers can improve your collections and get you faster payments.
BHCOE Partner

              Get Paid Higher and Faster with our ABA Billing Features

Providers of ABA therapy find value in what we offer

Enhance your declining cash flow.
Enhance your pre-authorization and eligibility procedures.
Our ABA Billing team swiftly identifies and resolves claim denials, preventing future issues and boosting your cash flow.
Payers are auditing ABA services despite prior authorizations. Cube's ABA billing services, fully compliant with ABA and HIPAA regulations, handle all prior authorizations and eligibility, ensuring hassle-free audits.
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Reduce your denial rates.
Lower your rejection rates.
Boost patient revenue collection.
Our ABA billing specialists possess extensive expertise in the ABA billing cycle and guide practices on managing recurrent denials from individual payers.
We implement a rigorous denials management strategy for minimizing claim rejections and denials for our customers.
We provide ABA providers with auditing, training on session notes, and handle billing and collections. Our services include advice on managing persistent denials and improving client outcomes with our ABA billing solutions.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial

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Seeking help with billing, payments, or AR/denials? Our experts can streamline your RCM operations.

We strictly adhere to ABA and HIPAA regulations.
Regularly conduct pre-billing audits to reduce denials.
Monitor your payments constantly.
Ensure priority A/R and denials are handled within 24 hours
Any practice management software can be integrated with us.
We provide a simplified visualization of progress in our monthly report.

Certified Excellence in ABA Billing

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HBMA accreditation distinguishes a company by affirming its commitment to the highest standards in revenue cycle management and compliance with HIPAA and OIG regulations. Cube holds this accreditation, highlighting its dedication to secure and efficient billing practices for therapy providers.

HBMA Accredition
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Who is Cube Therapy Billing?

Cube Billing Therapy offers customized RCM strategies for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) providers across the U.S., backed by over 13 years of specialized experience.
Our goal is to help healthcare providers maximize revenue, allowing them to focus primarily on patient care.
Cube Therapy Billing adheres strictly to HIPAA regulations and Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with all clients. Our compliance team, led by a Compliance Officer, ensures all standards are met.
We assist ABA practices in navigating financial and regulatory challenges, aligning with value-based models to simplify billing processes and enhance practice development.

We can integrate with any existing billing software

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